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Security for your business is more necessary now than in previous years. And as technology has become more advanced, so has security systems and solutions. Kewl partners with industry leaders to provide both security monitoring and access control that ties into your existing network.

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Cybersecurity is rightly considered to be one of the biggest concerns a business can face. No matter if you’re the owner of a small or large business, you can be the target of cyber security threats without taking proper precautions. Even more concerning: Many bad actors specifically target smaller businesses, under the assumption that they won’t have safeguards in place. Don’t let your company fall victim to preventable technology attacks; let Kewl develop a solution that makes sense for a business with a size and budget such as yours.

Security Camera Systems

security camera

There’s much more to security camera systems than just the camera. Video surveillance has grown alongside other business technologies, and Kewl is fully qualified to bring the latest innovations to your company. Our flexible monitoring services are custom-built for businesses that need remote monitoring from any location. The end result is a monitoring solution that saves you money, ensures productivity, and keeps you secure.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Kewl’s burglar alarm system will give you peace of mind and keep your employees and business assets safe. We can design systems for businesses of all sizes and industries. Coupled with mobile access and our remote monitoring solutions, you can keep an eye on virtually any aspect of your business, no matter your location.

Access Entry Systems

Door access control

Entry systems are vital for businesses with sensitive resources, or any job site that required multiple levels of team member access.

Businesses both large and small can benefit from the organization and security benefits of our entry solutions. We offer systems with a wide range of entry methods.

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