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Kewl is Southeast Texas’ premier provider of network and server solutions. Our workflow is centered around focusing on your data needs, freeing you up to focus on your business. 

We can assist your company with every aspect of its network, from designing and building it out to managing a pre-existing system. If you need to scale your resources, we’ll make certain that you get the best possible uptime to keep things running smoothly for your company.

We don’t just stop at installation: Our team of professionals monitor the health of your network system, making adjustments as needed to guarantee that your network is always operating at peak performance.

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Networking Solutions

Data Cabling & Management

Data Backups & Recovery

Network Support & Maintenance

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Data Cabling & Management

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It’s no cliche to say that businesses run on cables. Networking as we know it today couldn’t exist without it. At Kewl, we take pride in creating and updating cabling solutions for our customers at a level that’s peerless in Southeast Texas. Our team of experts can audit your cabling needs to be sure that you are fully certified and compliant. Whether you need CAT 5/6 cabling or newer standards such as 10g, you won’t find a better resource to assist you with it than Kewl Technology.

Network Support & Maintenance

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At Kewl, we don’t stop at data backup and recovery: We aim to ensure that your company is able to continue functioning in times of catastrophic events. Our system processes provide redundant hardware and software layers to ensure that your infrastructure isn’t vulnerable with a single point of failure. Talk to us about our comprehensive, fault-tolerant systems and data replication plans.

Network Support & Maintenance

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Our comprehensive understanding of industry standard network applications and hardware are put to use with each and every project our customers entrust to us. In the ever-changing field of modern technology infrastructure, it’s not enough to simply handle the installation process. Your company and employees need full access to a team of network professionals, and it’s our privilege to offer that service to you.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

If we were to experience a hurricane tomorrow, would your company be able to quickly bounce back? If you haven’t asked yourself that question lately, you should. No matter the location (but particularly in areas such as Southeast Texas that are prone to natural disasters), a continuity solution is a critical component of business IT strategy. Let us help ensure that you’re back on your feet and back to business, no matter what comes your way.

Do you need urgent assistance?

We know all too well that IT issues can catch businesses off-guard. If you should find your business in need of immediate help, please call (409) 527-3767 or use the form below to reach our team for fast help.